Adolf Hitler is undisputedly the most historically influential and best known dictator of the 20th century. No other person has been the subject of as many books, discussions and films. Since the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989, records in the Russian archives have been made available to historians for the first time since the end of the war. These records shed light on the character and hobbies of this highly talented and unusual individual. Unbeknownst to many, Hitler was a muscular and athletic man of immense proportions. Indeed, he was a man who cared just as much about his physical body as his political vision. Adolf is often regarded as a hypocrite; a small and physically weak man who preached the greatness of Aryan superhumans. These new documents prove that he was, on the contrary, a fiercely dedicated man who practised what he preached. This short documentary attempts to delve into the world of physical splendour that is Adolf Hitler, affectionately known to his friends as "The Fuehrer".

The Early Years

Adolf in the Alps

Adolf Hitler in the Alps in the early days, shortly after his release from Landsberg prison

Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria in 1889. After a short and miserable career as an unemployed painter in Vienna, Hitler entered the Bavarian political scene with a storm. Following a failed coup in 1923 ("The Beerhall Putsch"), he was sentencted to five years of imprisonment in the Landsberg penal facility. He enjoyed considerable privileges during this period of incarceration due immense political popularity. Unsurprisingly, it was in Landsberg that he first discovered the joy of body building. With so much time on his hands, he started taking great interest in the development of his musculature. This interest eventually led to regular workouts in the prison gym, where Hitler spent up to six hours a day while serving out his sentence.

During this time, Hitler also wrote his famous book Mein Kampf or "My Battle". Hermann Goering, Hitler's loyal friend and assisstant, writes the following in his memoirs:

"Adolf liked to dictate for his masterpiece, Mein Kampf, while bench pressing. He would lift up to 400 lbs. while simultaneously discussing Aryan Theory and the Subjugation of the Slavs. It was really amazing. Adolf is the only man I know who has the strength of character to do something as demanding as that."

Hitler did not limit his literary endeavours to Aryan Theory. He also wrote a staggeringly comprehensive guide to pectoral muscle development, which he called Meine Muskeln or "My Muscles". This guide enjoyed a brief period of intense popularity in Germany. Hitler used the profits from the sale of this bestselling book to finance the Nazi Party's publication, the Volkische Beobachter.

Adolf Acclaimed For Physical Beauty

Adolf receives prizes

Adolf Hitler gracefully receiving the prizes for the Herr Deutschland competition and the "Pectoral Muscle Beauty" contest.

Pectoral Muscle Beauty Submission

Adolf's photograph submission in the "Pectoral Muscle Beauty" contest. This photo appeared in respected newspapers such as Der Berliner and of course on the cover of the Nazi Party's own publication, the Volkische Beobachter..

Shortly after his release from prison, Adolf Hitler signed up for the Herr Deutschland fitness contest and, unsurprisingly, received first prize with an overwhelming majority of votes. Hitler was later to exploit this popularity in politics.

A lesser known fact is that Adolf Hitler also participated in the "Pectoral Muscle Beauty" contest and again received first prize. Of course, it is probable that Hitler used illegal steroids to win, but unreliable drug testing at this period in history made detection difficult. Adolf later admitted to using steroids regularly.

Parading around Germany gathering supporters, Adolf soon amassed a considerable number of followers, largely thanks to the fact that he never wore anything above the waist. His closest friends report that he was very happy at this period in his life, when one might guess he reached his physical prime, weighing 250 lbs. and benchpressing 500 lbs.

Hitler Becomes Chancellor And Abandons All Hope Of Going Professional

Adolf Propaganda

Nazi propaganda photo from 1936. It shows Adolf Hitler "The Fuehrer" shouting the Nazi salute of "Sieg Heil!" (Hail Victory!) while non-Aryan children kneel at his feet, adoring the self-styled "Ubermensch".

Hitler in his gym

Hitler demonstrates to the German press that he hasn't let the duties of office get in the way of physical fitness. This photo is taken inside the Wolfsschanze ("Wolf's Lair") early in the war. Hitler's personal gym, installed at great expense from his royalties fund, can be seen in the background.

When Hitler became Chancellor he employed a Swedish personal trainer and fitness instructor by the name of Jurgen Malmquist. He also had a private gym installed in his secret hidden fortress the "Wolf's Lair", at enormous expense. Jurgen Malmquist mentions Hitler fondly in his memoirs:

Adolf was a spectacular client, wonderful to work with. I've never seen such dedication in anyone I've trained. He spent on the average between four and six hours in the gym every day. This man had great future in the bodybuilding business. It's a shame he threw it all away with all that political nonsense. I expected more ambition from him, and it was a great disappointment to me when he told me he had abandoned all hopes of going professional.

Hitler's muscular body was displayed constantly in Nazi propaganda, encouraging the German people to pursue a life of physical fitness. This led to a great increase in businesses specialising in workout gyms. Needless to say, these businesses contributed heavily to the Nazi Party coffers. Thus the Nazi Party brought about an economic boom that strengthened the German economy and triumphed over the depression ravaging the country. American journalist Frederick Froleson wrote the following in the New York Times:

Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, is indeed a super-man of the people. He is an excellent and inspiring image for his people to follow. One almost wishes we had an Adolf here in the States, instead of [...]

Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Britain, was a great admirer of Hitler's striking physique. This eventually led to his dismissal by parliament when war broke out between Britain and Germany. His successor, Winston Churchill, did not share Chamberlain's views on physical fitness. Consequently, the relations between the two countries became frigid. Hitler is reported to have said that Churchill's weight problem was the root of all the senseless slaughter, and that two weeks in the gym with Jurgen would have done wonders for the political situation.

Adolf Hitler's Henchmen And Lieutenants

Hermann Goering, Hitler's long time friend and advisor, Marshall of the Luftwaffe, adopted a lifestyle of rigorous physical training. This may have been caused by his great admiration for "The Fuehrer". He was the only one of Hitler's henchmen to come close to matching his physical strength and fitness. Of course, Goering was not as hesitant as the others when it came to the use of steroids. Hitler, eager to encourage him, personally paid for the gym installed in Goering's residence.


Josef Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, was the most reluctant of Hitler's henchmen, but finally got himself together and worked up a good set of biceps. He never got above 300 lbs. benchpressing, though, which caused him great embarassment and made his relations with "The Fuehrer" somewhat icy. Hitler wouldn't implicitly trust a man who couldn't benchpress more than 300 lbs.


Heinrich Himmler, commander of the Schutz Staffel (SS) and Geheime Staatspolitzei (Gestapo), was anxious to please Hitler and did some really amazing work. Himmler writes in his diary:

"I gained 80 lbs. in 3 months [...] I was a skinny little loser [...] now I'm an ubermensch, just like The Fuehrer"

This photograph was taken during Himmler's vacation in Australia shortly before the war.


The Last Days of Hitler

Adolf Receives Steroids

Adolf Hitler hears the news of the German 6th Army's defeat at Stalingrad. Loyal personal assisstants try to cheer him up by handing him the daily steroid dosage.

In the last few months of the war, Hitler's frustration and anger became apparent to everyone around him. He had another private gym installed in his underground bunker. It became his place of refuge from reality. The news of the defeat of the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad was a great shock to him, and he almost became a recluse, eating, sleeping and living in the gym. Many of Hitler's top generals (amongst them Yodl and Keitel) blame him squarely for the defeat of Germany. Adolf Eichmann said the following in an interrogation conducted by the Israeli government:

"It was all Adolf's fault. He couldn't take the stress that came with the job. As the reports of defeats became more frequent, he lost grip on himself. He started spending more and more time in the gym, until he practically lived there. He was pumping irons to vent his anger and frustration. A nd when the invasion of Normandy took place, he came close to benchpressing 600 lbs. If only that power had been directed in a more fruitful direction." - (Eichmann was hanged shortly after the interrogation took place)

New records from the Russian archives report the finding of Adolf Hitler's body by the Soviet troops. According to them, Adolf did not, as is commonly believed, commit suicide. He died of a cardiac arrest, in all likelihood caused by steroid overdose. However, the Soviet doctors were understaffed due to Stalin's purges, and their reports must be taken with a grain of salt. It is not improbable that it was stress which eventually did away with the self-styled "Fuehrer" of Germany. According to the reports, his body was burned since none of the Russian soldiers felt up to the task of lifting it or moving it about. Eva Braun, Adolf's mistress, who also shared his passion for bodybuilding, managed to escape. She has remained successfully in hiding ever since, largely, it is believed, thanks to the fact that many mistake her for a man, due to prolific body hair.

And thus ends the story of perhaps the greatest bodybuilder of the Industrial age. In whatever way Adolf may have been lacking in political correctness and humility, his contribution to the world of bodybuilding remains a heritage that will live far longer than his meagre and outdated political opinions.

- Dr. Walknut Hoompsohn
Rauchenbucht, 1997